Halal CertificationTUV (Quality System)TUV (Food Hygiene)DVSHACCPmy49AVA 
Manufacturer of Halal Food Products...The name you can trust.

Contact us: Email: 2consult @ malaysiaexports.com

Our factory is located in Selangor - www.MalaysiaExports.com

     Cellulose Casing
Our Halal food products have been exported to Europe, Middle East, and South East Asia becomes a brand label
for halal foods. We caters to large-scale distribution of halal food products for domestic and international market.

We are expert in manufacturing and distributing halal meat based products and distribute halal food products to institutional consumers using specialized chiller vehicles.


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In food manufacturing, good quality and taste is not enough...the safety of the products needs to be included.

This is why certification like HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point) certified by the Ministry of Health (MOH) is important--it is to ensure that halal food products manufactured are safe and clean.
Halal CertificationTUV (Quality System)TUV (Food Hygiene)DVSHACCPmy49AVA



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