Halal CertificationTUV (Quality System)TUV (Food Hygiene)DVSHACCPmy49AVA 
Manufacturer of Halal Food Products...The name you can trust.

We manufacture and distribute halal meat based products. We have professional competent people experienced in veterinary,
food technology, professional butchering and gourmet cooking.

We caters to large-scale of distribution
for the domestic and international Halal
Food market.





The quality of our Halal food products is value for the money and we are fully equipped with in-house research and development with food laboratories and storage facilities.

Our cold storage is at -18°C with the capacity of 100MT.The chiller is at 4°C with the capacity of 30MT. Dry Store is at room temperature, which is controlled at 15°C at all times with capacity of 200MT.

Through-out our many years in the halal industry, we are successful in developing food technology breakthroughs in Halal food processing and manufacturing.

Our operations are through institutionalized streamlined tested proven systems and has provided outstanding results. In 2002 the European Commission certified our Export of Processed Poultry Products.


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We have received the National Pokale Award held in Manheim, Germany bagging numerous gold medals and silver medals in the delicatessen competition.

Our Halal food products have been exported worldwide. Daily,
we produces and distribute to institutional consumers using specialized chiller vehicles that maintains unsurpassed quality Halal products.

With numerous certifications such as the TUV certification and the ISO 9002, our Halal food products has proven its standard level.



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